A Week of Gnomes: Day Eight

Day Eight: Turn an old book into something new
I am always on the lookout for old books that I can mess around with, so I had lots of choices for this one. I thought it would be fun to make the gnome visit a Mayan pyramid, so I got out my Exacto knife again and cut up an image to make it a pop up picture.
I believe this is a Reader’s Digest book about World Mysteries (or something of that nature). I bought it at Goodwill for a dollar.
I cut around different parts of the image and folded them up to make it pop up – there are four different levels to this picture.
You may also notice the tiny gnome I made on the right hand side of the picture, approaching the pyramid. Not correctly proportioned, but if I made it the “right” size he’d be practically invisible.
An additional view.
Materials: Book, Exacto knife, paper, pen, and markers (to make the tiny gnome), tape
This took very little time and turned out way better than I anticipated. Fun times!

A Week of Gnomes: Day Seven

Day Seven: Make something with your breakfast
My normal breakfast consists of a Nutrigrain bar and some yogurt, not terribly exciting or inspiring, so I waited until the weekend for this one. My wonderful boyfriend made the pancakes and I decorated. The first one turned out to be the perfect shape for a gnome’s head.
My workstation (the kitchen counter)
I added some powdered sugar to create some sideburns of some sort. It may have made him more Santa Claus-esque.
Ready to eat!
It was one of the tastiest pancakes I have ever eaten. It took me about two minutes to scarf down. Then I had some non-gnome pancakes that were also very delicious.
Materials: Pancakes, Reddi-Whip, strawberry topping, chocolate chips, powdered sugar
Tomorrow: fun with books!

A Week of Gnomes: Day Six

Day Six: Make something using a stencil.
My initial thought was to make something sort of like a chalk outline of a body, like what you might find at a crime scene, but I went with something a bit lighter. Gnome crossing sign!
First I had to use my Exacto knife skills on a piece of Bristol board.
Here’s the finished product! Stencil, cut out, and sign.
Another view.
Make way for gnomes!!
Materials used: Bristol board, acrylic paint, artists tape (to create lines around edge and underneath gnome), cardboard (for backing)
I kind of want to make a bunch of these and hang them up in parks at a kid’s eye level. Make a little mischief and spread some fun.
However, due to the Portland weather it’s going to be a few months before the sun comes back out. For now I’ll just hang it up in my room.
Tomorrow: gnome + food (again!)

A Week of Gnomes: Day Five

Day Five: Make something using fruits or vegetables.
This worked out well because I had some fruit that was about to spoil. I turned it into a little gnome sculpture before putting it in the compost bin.
Materials: apple (for body), orange (for head, beard, and eyebrows), raisins (for eyes), scrapbook paper (for hat and shoes), Sharpie marker (to draw on a little smile), hot glue gun (to put it all together)
It was fun setting up a photo shoot for him on my desk. Very happy I didn’t injure myself with the hot glue gun (I have burnt myself badly in the past, glad that didn’t happen this time!)
Tomorrow: another gnome, in a different form