A Week of Gnomes: Day Seven

Day Seven: Make something with your breakfast
My normal breakfast consists of a Nutrigrain bar and some yogurt, not terribly exciting or inspiring, so I waited until the weekend for this one. My wonderful boyfriend made the pancakes and I decorated. The first one turned out to be the perfect shape for a gnome’s head.
My workstation (the kitchen counter)
I added some powdered sugar to create some sideburns of some sort. It may have made him more Santa Claus-esque.
Ready to eat!
It was one of the tastiest pancakes I have ever eaten. It took me about two minutes to scarf down. Then I had some non-gnome pancakes that were also very delicious.
Materials: Pancakes, Reddi-Whip, strawberry topping, chocolate chips, powdered sugar
Tomorrow: fun with books!