A Week of Gnomes: Day Four

Day Four: Work with a collection (I skipped over the challenge for Day Four, but I will come back to it! This is technically the challenge from Day Five. Forgive me)
Since I am a gnome aficionado, I obviously have amassed a few:
The gnome in the Hawaiian shirt has come with me on a number of trips and vacations.
$3 gnome from Goodwill. I had to buy it. I keep meaning to give him a Portland makeover, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe I’ll be able to do that in a future challenge.
A page of gnome doodles. Some of these are super weird. 
Materials: Nikon SLR camera, pen
Tune in next week for some more gnome-y goodness.

A Week of Gnomes: Day Three

Day three: Make something with paper, but don’t draw, cut, or paste anything. 
I am not an origami expert at all, because I have a really hard time figuring out the folds based on written instructions. I first tried following the instructions here, but I had a tough time and gave up on that.
Thankfully I found this video on YouTube, and did a pretty good job of following the instructions:

The resulting origami gnome bookmark. It sorta looks gnomish.
Once it’s placed in a book, it does look sort of like you’re smooshing a gnome within the pages.
Here is a way cooler gnome, designed by Eric Joisel:

Materials used: scrapbook paper

One more gnome post tomorrow to round out the week!

A Week of Gnomes: Day Two

Day two of the 365 challenge: Use your favorite animal as inspiration for today.
My favorite animals are elephants, so somehow that inspired jousting gnomes on bitty baby elephants.
The linework!
All colored in!
A slightly nicer version of the final art.
Materials used: pen, Prismacolor markers, recycled paper, white acrylic ink & brush
More gnome action tomorrow!

A Week of Gnomes: Day One

I’ve decided to begin a year of creative challenges! The theme will be gnomes, because I love gnomes.

We’ll see how long I can keep this up – I’m going to do my best to stay on top of the challenges.

Day One: Make something that fits in the palm of your hand

Now I have another gnome to add to my collection! He looks pretty good on my shelf.
Materials: cardboard, Prismacolor markers, ink pen, white acrylic ink & brush
Come back tomorrow for more gnome-y goodness.