Readin’ with Sasquatch

Here’s the final art for my Powell’s tote bag submission. I really liked it, but it didn’t crack the top 10. Since a very similar idea did make the top 10 (and was way less cute, in my humble opinion) I have a feeling my design was passed over because I didn’t make the Powell’s logo big enough. Whatever! At least I got a nice little portfolio piece out of the contest.

More Sasquatch!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Sasquatch because he’s the main component of an image I created for a tote bag design contest at Powell’s books. Here’s my linework for the submission – next week I’ll upload the color version (which is looking pretty adorable so far!)


Now that I’m finding myself with free time (almost too much free time – I’m still looking for summer employment because I need to work more than one day a week) I have more time to draw. I often have a hard time figuring out what I want to draw, which is why I really like Selfless Portraits – when you agree to participate, they send you the profile picture of someone else using the app on Facebook, so you get to draw someone else’s portrait. You need to do it fairly quickly too – within 48 hours.

It’s a good exercise, though I don’t know if my random stranger is going to like my portrait. I found his features to be quite birdlike (especially his hair), so I just turned him into a bird. It’s not a very representational portrait, that’s for sure:
The poor, random boy assigned to me
The resulting portrait

Pretty crazy. But it was a fun exercise. Now I’m awaiting the portrait some random stranger drew of me. Perhaps that artist has turned me into an animal as well.
Materials: Sakura pens, Prismacolor markers

Friday Afternoon Comics: Drunk Bear

Your bear drinks beer!
A bit of back story about this image – I started using a free online program to refresh my Spanish a few weeks ago. The program’s called Duolingo, and it’s quite an excellent learning tool, especially since it’s totally free. One of the most entertaining parts of re-learning Spanish on Duolingo is translating the sometimes-wacky sentences they give you.
I’m not sure when I’ll ever need this particular line, but it makes learning a bit more fun.
Materials: pen

A Week of Gnomes: Day Two

Day two of the 365 challenge: Use your favorite animal as inspiration for today.
My favorite animals are elephants, so somehow that inspired jousting gnomes on bitty baby elephants.
The linework!
All colored in!
A slightly nicer version of the final art.
Materials used: pen, Prismacolor markers, recycled paper, white acrylic ink & brush
More gnome action tomorrow!