Animal Doodles in Glorious Color

Erika Schnatz Animal Doodles

So I drew these animal characters ages ago for some Daily Doodle prompts on Twitter, but didn’t color them in until last week when I was desperate to find new pieces to put in my portfolio for a children’s book conference. It wound up being one of the strongest pieces in my portfolio since I haven’t completed many kid-appropriate illustrations in the past few years. I’m going to see how this style works with my new picture book dummy, because I need to figure out a color solution that is not terribly labor intensive. I have over 30 characters on one particular spread, so for the sake of my sanity I’d like to keep it simple.

Erika Schnatz Animal Doodles


Cat Noir Finals

Here’s how the final pieces turned out! If you’re in the Portland area, you can check them out at Gallery Mini on SE 8th and Main St.

I definitely created the “cartooniest” work on display in the gallery. I’d like to go back in and work on these pieces a bit more because I really like the concept. I was just a bit rushed to complete them (which was entirely the fault of my time-management skills).