Day 066/100

The votes are tallied — here are top 8 cute challengers:

And for those of you keeping track at home, here are the updated Champion and Second Chance brackets (so if your favorite lost in this round, don’t fret — you’ll see all of the characters from this round at least one more time!):


Day 023/100

Congrats to the winners of each match-up! Did your favorites make it to the next round? (Winners in bold)

  1. Puppy King vs. Go-Go the Pangolin
  2. Pequeño Piñata vs. Tiny House
  3. Toots the Bus Driver vs. Britta Butcher
  4. Tiny Vampire vs. Sparkles the Phoenix
  5. Charley Cactus vs. Fries-With-That
  6. Respectable Nurse vs. The Candlestick Maker
  7. Smol Wizard vs. The Littlest Mermaid
  8. Sir Oinkers the Space Pig vs. Kitty Minkins
  9. Timothy the Funeral Director vs. Nancy the Doddering Gardener
  10. Baby Yeti vs. Barky (Cerberus)
  11. Lil’ Loaf the Sloth vs. Babysnakes
  12. Grandpa Breadstick vs. Baby Cupcake
  13. Tato the Gnome vs. Fat Unicorn
  14. Markus the Sharkus vs. Honeybear
  15. The City Bus vs. Rock (the Rock)
  16. Harriet, Amateur Sleuth vs. Baker Steve


AND we’ve got new challengers ready to throw down the cuteness! Round Two’s contestants include:

  • Fantastic Fauna: Floaty Otter / Rowdy Red Panda / Antonio el Tigre / Sam Goatsly
  • Niedlichkeit(en): Emmie Biscuits / Pink Eraser / Lady McSpouts / Happy Poo
  • Just Regular Type: Petey Reporter / Chad Next Door / Stacey the Cool Mom / Janitor Frank
  • Charming Creatures: Fancy Frank(enstein’s Creature) / Lil’ Kraken / Dinky Dragon / Lady Centauress



Click for a printable version to play along! >> Champions Bracket