December Catch-up

I did a number of (people) portraits in December! Please enjoy, and keep an eye out for a new drawing project I will start posting next week.

First up, a collage-type poster for my friend Melanie, who commissioned the piece as a Christmas gift for her (new!) husband. They went to London on their honeymoon, so I got to cobble together a bunch of different landmarks.

Schantz Honeymoon Portrait

I was also commissioned to draw some portraits of my cousins (thanks, Mom!). They went over quite well on Christmas day.

The Green Children

The Rice Children

Editor Extraordinaire

One of my colleagues from Ooligan Press requested a color portrait for her website, and I was more than happy to oblige! (It was especially fun to draw a tiny Webster’s Dictionary and Chicago Manual of Style.)

Bess Pallares Portrait Erika Schnatz

Bess has a crazy amount of comics knowledge and is a super editor. She’s also an acquisitions co-manager for Ooligan Press this year, so she’s an all around awesome person.

Check out her website here!

If you’d like a portrait of your own, I’m available for commissions. Just drop me a line!

Mr. Tea

A fun 80s mashup between Mr. T (who pities fools) and Mr. T (who has tall teeth) at a tea party (naturally). This piece was part of “Jibbart Jabbart: A Mr. T-Themed Art Show & Experience” at the PhilaMOCA in Philadelphia.
Line art

Picture from the show (c/o Ben and Amy Leach)

My art on the wall! (c/o Ben and Amy Leach)

Another view (c/o Ben and Amy Leach)