Pabst and Presidents!

It’s been a bit since my last post, mostly because I was doing some last-minute illustration work on this guy:

 It was entered in a Pabst art contest here in Portland at the lovely Grand Central Bowling. The winner was determined by voters, so I was very fortunate to have many of my friends stop by and drop their tickets into my envelope – I won the contest and this image will be transformed into a billboard in Southeast Portland! How awesome is that?!

I’m excited that so many people will see my art! I’m going to brag about it like crazy, since it’s not everyday that your artwork becomes a billboard (unless you work closely with a marketing department, I suppose).

So yay! Here are some images of this work in progress:

The rough sketch that started it all!
The line work for the illustration!

After the PBR cans were colored in (minus the white logo)
All done!

I should have taken some close-ups of the cans – there are many details packed on those cans. Once the billboard is up, I’ll be sure to take more detailed photos!


I will be leaving Portland for a short span of time to spend the holidays with my family, but I love this quirky little city so this week’s posts are Portland-related.

This image is something I made for my friend who has recently left Portland for somewhere in Colorado, so I wanted to send her off with a slice of Portlandia. I tried to think of the most “Portland-y” thing I could think of. According to my brain that was a hipster elk/deer thing riding a bicycle past Powell’s Bookstore while drinking a PBR.

This is how it turned out:

If this image captures even a fraction of Portland’s oddness, I consider it a success.

Materials used: pens, watercolor, colored pencil

I really hope Megan got this in the mail by now and I didn’t totally spoil the surprise by posting on here…