A Week of Gnomes: Day Six

Day Six: Make something using a stencil.
My initial thought was to make something sort of like a chalk outline of a body, like what you might find at a crime scene, but I went with something a bit lighter. Gnome crossing sign!
First I had to use my Exacto knife skills on a piece of Bristol board.
Here’s the finished product! Stencil, cut out, and sign.
Another view.
Make way for gnomes!!
Materials used: Bristol board, acrylic paint, artists tape (to create lines around edge and underneath gnome), cardboard (for backing)
I kind of want to make a bunch of these and hang them up in parks at a kid’s eye level. Make a little mischief and spread some fun.
However, due to the Portland weather it’s going to be a few months before the sun comes back out. For now I’ll just hang it up in my room.
Tomorrow: gnome + food (again!)

Jay and ‘Ye in SPACE!

My brother is a huge fan of Jay-Z and Kanye West, so I made him this ridiculous illustration as a Christmas gift:

Here is the line art of Jay-Z and Kanye
I decided to stick them in space (totally normal, right?) so I created this background with some watercolors and acrylic paint. I found a super easy tutorial on how to do this via YouTube:
Then I cut out the line art and Mod Podge’d it to outer space. Easy peasy!
This was a super fun project and it only took me a few nights. I need to start drawing more!
Materials used: Micron pens, other black pens, watercolor paints, white acrylic paint (for the stars)
More posts will be coming your way next week!