More Monkey Business…

To continue on the theme of my initial post, here is another card that also involves a monkey. Specifically, party monkey.

This was for my brother’s 18th birthday. You can never be too old for monkey cards.

I think I used the same photo reference for this card and the party monkey on the last card. Months and months apart. Weird.

Materials used: Watercolor (very muted), some kind of pen, Artists’ ink & little brushes


So after having this blog set up for ages, I’m finally going to start posting on here regularly. Probably.

To kick things off, here are some drawings of monkeys. They were for a high school graduation card for my brother. I should have gotten a picture of what the card looks like, but I’m a terrible archivist of my own work, so you’ll have to wait on that.

 The enthusiastic fellow above is on the front of the card…

 …and party monkey is on the inside of the card. You don’t mess around with party monkey. He parties hard.

Materials used: colored pencils, Micron brush pen (love that pen!!)

Whew. That wasn’t too terrible. More will come soon, I promise (pinky swear).