Inktober Update #2

A second batch of Inktober illustrations! If you’re viewing this on my blog, you should be able to see each day’s prompt if you mouse over the image.

Inktober Update #1

Inktober Banner 01

Here’s the first batch of illustrations I’ve created for Inktober! I’m working from drawing prompts from my friend (and fellow artist) Shane.

Birds in Hats

Top Hats Erika Schnatz

It’s been some time since I’ve had my work displayed anywhere. There was that one time I had a piece up in a robot-themed show at a taco shop, and then someone STOLE MY PIECE OFF OF THE WALL, so maybe that’s the reason it has been a while? Or perhaps having a full-time job was the culprit.

In any case, I drew some birds in hats for the Tiny Wonderland show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock, CA. The rule was nothing larger than 5″x 5″, so I found some 4″x 4″ panels and was plagued with indecision until several days before I need to mail out my work (nothing like artistic procrastination). I quite like these silly little birds, and if you like them too (and would like one to hang on a wall), a few of them are still available on to purchase:


Cat Detective in Color!

Erika Schnatz Cat Burglar

Like my previous post, this was another let’s-color-this-in-Photoshop-at-the-last-minute-because-I-need-a-new-portfolio-piece situation. I’ll likely go in and play with the color a bit in the future, since I like this character. Maybe he could get his own picture book.

Erika Schnatz Cat Burglar

Jazz Guy

Jazz Guy Erika Schnatz

The project manager of the upcoming Ooligan Press jazz book requested that I draw a jazz guy. So I drew a jazz guy.

Next week I will post the cover I designed for the book. It is pretty cool. *snaps*