Cute K.O. 2021 Tourament of Champions Bracket!

This is the fifth year of Cute K.O. (holy cow!!) so this year I’m bringing back the top 8 characters from 2017-2020 and they’ll duke it out until one cute champion remains!

If you fill out the bracket and send it to me in a message or comment, I’ll be mailing out Cute K.O. prize packs this year for the folks with the most accurate brackets / folks who pick the winner / folks at random as a thank you to everyone who’s followed along with this crazy little project so far. Send me your completed bracket before March 1st for a chance to win!

Need to familiarize yourself with some of these characters? Click to check out each year of the competition: 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020

Now with TWO bracket download options! The first version can be downloaded and filled out on your computer, and the second version is printable if you’re into that sort of thing: