A Week of Gnomes: Day Five

Day Five: Make something using fruits or vegetables.
This worked out well because I had some fruit that was about to spoil. I turned it into a little gnome sculpture before putting it in the compost bin.
Materials: apple (for body), orange (for head, beard, and eyebrows), raisins (for eyes), scrapbook paper (for hat and shoes), Sharpie marker (to draw on a little smile), hot glue gun (to put it all together)
It was fun setting up a photo shoot for him on my desk. Very happy I didn’t injure myself with the hot glue gun (I have burnt myself badly in the past, glad that didn’t happen this time!)
Tomorrow: another gnome, in a different form

Wonder Wolf!

I can only tenuously connect this post to the Olympics, but I’ve been thinking about the Olympics, so deal with it.

This little guy is the Wonder Wolf. As you may (or may not) know, I worked in an elementary school in Beaverton, OR for the past school year (near Nike headquarters – Olympics connection) and the school mascot was the Wonder Wolf. I actually dressed up in that costume a handful of times, unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of this…

Anyway, I made thank you cards for student volunteers and teachers at the end of the year, so I drew a cartoony little wolf. He’s got an apple to signify education, and a little cape to do awesome deeds in.

I let some of the kids color in the cards before I handed them out – I’ll have to see if I can find one to scan in and put up here.

There was no real connection to the Olympics here, although I think the Wonder Wolf would make a pretty great Olympic mascot. Better than that weird blue thing for the Atlanta Olympics in the 90s. What was that thing?